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Does the play group only run during term time?

At the moment due to volunteers other commitments our weekly group is term time only.

Can I bring my older/younger child to the Thursday group?

Yes. The toys are targeted to babies and toddlers, but well behaved siblings are welcome! Some of our Mums already have/or are expecting single siblings to their twins, so you'll have something more in common.

I'm pregnant. Is it worth me coming before my children are born?

Yes definitely! If you want to pick the brains of other Mums about equipment that they used or any other concerns then please come along. If nothing else it's great to know Mums before the birth so we can all get excited about the new arrivals when they come!

I'm not confident bottle feeding my twins when we are out yet. Can someone help me?

Just ask when you arrive. You'll be spoilt for choice for help. And even if you don't ask, help will be offered!

I work full time and my children are in full time day nursery so we won't make the Thursday group. Do you do much at weekends?

Yes we also hold regular social nights out – for the opportunity to get together socially without the children for good food, wine and conversation. Also we have an annual summer/Christmas parties.

We also hold quarterly committee meetings, including an Annual General Meeting, to discuss issues related to the running of the club. 

Please join our closed Facebook group for information and dates on when these are happening.

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